We are Electric Sky

We're pioneering movement under external power, making transportation more swift, sustainable & economical


Q: Should we make Earth a better place to live, or explore beyond?

A: Both!

Today people haul their energy around with them. That’s expensive. Whether it’s the cost of combustion or the burden of batteries, we’re all being held back.

Electric Sky will help travel move faster, cleaner, quieter, and more economically. This isn’t pick one, we’re going for a quadfecta of all of the above.

UAVs (drones) will do more for you, using external power to carry more aloft. Flying across town in a Urban Air Mobility vehicle (flying car) or around the planet in an eJet, you can pay a lower ticket price, to arrive sooner, with zero emissions, making less noise along the way.

We source power from the electrical grid, a reservoir of energy that’s less expensive than most any other, and has the potential to become the cleanest. We then transport that energy up to the vehicle while in flight. As a result your vehicle can be lighter, faster, and less expensive to operate.

You’ll appreciate faster speed and a lower ticket price; the planet will appreciate a smaller footprint.

This is challenging work. We’re pioneering a novel architecture for generating “non-gaussian” waves. If you’ve got skills you’d like to bring to bear on this effort, please contact us!